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Complete Security Software 3.0.0


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Complete Security Software
Cyber criminals and malicious codes are fast evolving in present- day competitive environment, so are the security industry experts. Technocrats are actively introducing advanced computer antivirus software applications for treating most critical computer threats your PC is exposed to. In the wake of risky programs and malicious codes attempting to put your data and information at stake, Protegent 360 comes as a foolproof security application which ensures comprehensive protection without compromising on performance. This remarkable computer antivirus software comes equipped with advanced algorithms to counter latest vulnerabilities. It goes beyond merely cleaning your system resources of malware and other intrusions, and shields your PC from ever evolving e-threats. You can now easily curb modern evasion techniques used by contemporary attackers. The software is equipped to handle most modern security breach patterns and ensure a safe browsing environment to individual PC users as well as big organizations. Its bidirectional firewall and advanced vulnerability scanner move a step ahead to control e-threats from damaging system resources. Not only this, you can also secure all your online transactions without threatening your identity or financial security. The internet security software comes equipped with data leak prevention, asset tracking and activity monitoring utilities. Grab your copy of free antivirus software and go through the trial version before purchasing the full-featured version of the computer antivirus software. You simply need to install it after you download antivirus software for free
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
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Author: Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd.
License: Demo
Price: $53
File Size: 344.0 MB
Downloads: 189

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